Mystery Rainbow Candle




I’ve always loved a good mystery and our Mystery Rainbow Candle is just that! Layers of 100% Soy wax and layers of color. But the best part is layers of scent too!! Instead of burning a candle that is the same scent all day long, try our Mystery Rainbow Candle.

Each layer that burns is a slightly different scent! It might be pumpkin, it might be apple but you will never know because… well,…. it’s a Mystery!! We don’t list which scent each layer is! You can always try to figure out which one of our fragrances is in each layer, OR you can just enjoy a gorgeous candle that slightly changes scents layer after layer! The colors, scents, layer sizes and ribbon colors will vary. We make these in small batches so we can continually have new Mysteries! We hope you enjoy them!!

Approximate burn time: 130 hours

Net weight 13.95oz. (395.47g)

16 oz. jar

Additional information

Weight 23.35 oz
Dimensions 3.125 × 3.125 × 5 in


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